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Tentsile Stingray Tent

We all know that hammocks are one of the most comfortable forms of napping. But the thought of waking up during the night with bug bites galore is far from ideal. On the other hand, tents do a super job for protection from rain and elements, but aren’t the most comfortable, unless you want to lug beds etc. around.So the idea behind the Tentsile tree tent gets us a little excited, a hybrid between the two with their rather cool tree tents.

The latest version of their tree-tent, the stingray, is a 3-person portable tent / portable treehouse. All you need is three relatively sturdy trees (or posts, or anything) and you have found the perfect place to pitch your tent. Using just three tree straps, two poles and a lightweight fly-sheet you can have your tree tent hammock style, pitched up a tree in no time at all.

Just because your tent is now up a tree, doesn’t mean that you lose any of the practical elements of a traditional tent. You still get a standard front entrance to climb through, but what we really like is the floor hatch that can be accessed via a small rope ladder. As you would expect the tent is fully waterproof, resistant to UV rays and will do a good job of keeping any bugs and animals out of your tent through the night (apart from anything that can climb trees of course).

But what if you go camping with a slightly larger group and have 6 friends instead of 3? A large flysheet can be attached to create a multi-storey camping solution with 3 people suspended in the air and three people on the floor below. Ingenious, if not a little worrying as you could have three friends landing on top of you from a height during the middle of the night.


Price: Around £450



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