We love our interior décor and design here at Average Joes, and you can’t really have a serious discussion about innovation indoors without talking about the granddaddy of them all, IKEA. Well, you’ll soon be able to look through the Swedish giants’ history all in one place as IKEA are about to open a museum spanning their entire back catalogue!

The IKEA Museum - Älmhult, Sweden

The IKEA Museum is located on the site of its first ever store in Älmhult – around a 2 hour drive from Malmö in southern Sweden. The museum will display a plethora of relics from the company’s 73-year existence.

The idea of the exhibition is that it’ll help boost tourism in the Älmhult region. The Älmhult store was the very first IKEA to ever open and was around from 28th October 1958 until it closed back in 2012.

Ikea Museum Sweden 2
‘For 70 years, people have welcomed IKEA into their homes. Now it’s our turn to welcome you to ours,’ say IKEA. The museum will be exhibit all the pieces that shaped the brand’s past as well as the ideas, the driving forces, the people and the furniture that will shape its future.

Ikea Museum Sweden 1
The museum will contain all your big hitting home goods including the Klippan sofa and the Billy bookshelf, which are said to be the most-produced items ever sold by IKEA. There’ll be a load of spotlighted installations as well as some interactive displays too to ensure it’s well worth the trio. We’re pleased to report IKEA’s famed meatball even gets its own display!

The IKEA Museum will open on Thursday 30th June. Find out more info on the IKEA Museum Website.

Ikea Museum Sweden 3
Ikea Museum Sweden 5



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