Take a Look at This Awesome Tent-Like Hut Available on Airbnb

Continuing our quest to find the most awesome accommodation on the planet, our search take us Down Under to the awesome Kimo Hut which is available on Airbnb. Designed by Anthony Hunt Design and Luke Stanley Architects, the tent-like hut offers summit views across rural New South Wales in Australia.

The Kimo Hut is the latest addition to the Kimo Estate, a second generation 2,800-hectare farm located just outside Gundagai. The A-frame shape of the hut is designed to invoke a sense of refuge and connection with its natural surroundings, without contrasting too much from the other agricultural buildings on the working farm.

The abode is all about its views with a glass door front door providing glorious views out over the Kimo Valley below. Cut-outs in the roof and windows at floor height also allow natural light to flood the hut. With the region’s high temperatures, ventilation is provided by vents in some of the glass panels, which create a cross breeze through the hut.


Though it may be relatively secluded, the Kimo Hut is far from back-to-basics. There’s everything you’d need for a stay with the likes of a freestanding wood-burning stove to an instant hot water system for the shower. Solar panels also ensure the home comes with its own renewable power source.


The hut is environmentally friendly too, with local Australian hardwood sourced for the anchoring struts. Silvertop ash was used both inside and out, while shiplapped cladding was used on the exterior and for the floors. Corrugated metal forms the roof, which overhangs at the rear of the hut to offer a sheltered porch area.

The Kimo Hut is available to rent now over at the Airbnb Website, where prices start at £201 a night.


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