The Krane Hotel Offers Stunning Views of Copenhagen Harbour

Continuing our search for the most unique hotel experiences on the planet, take a look at this concept in Denmark from architecture firm Arcgency which turns an industrial coal crane in a Copenhagen harbour into a luxury two-person city-break sanctuary. Aptly, it’s called The Krane.

Located on the edge of Nordhavn harbour, The Krane sits proudly on the Copenhagen waterfront. Accessed by a drawbridge-like staircase, the multi-level structure consists of a reception area on the ground floor, a glass-walled meeting room on the first floor, and a spa/terrace on the second floor. Up top is where you’ll find the hotel room/living space.

The Krane’s hotel space is the real standout. 50m² in size, the ‘Krane Room’ sits on the top floor overlooking the harbour below. It features a typically Scandinavian minimalist design which features an essentially all-black interior – a reference to the coal the crane used to carry.


The space is designed in hundreds of shades of black so guests almost feel ‘enveloped by the interior’. As such, the living space is furnished with a built-in furniture, as well as custom-made pieces in leather, wood, stone and steel. The Krane Room also features wrap-around windows that frame views over Copenhagen and out to sea.


Below the Krane Room, the Krane Spa opts for a much lighter touch. Clad in grey stone from floor to ceiling, the spa features two bath tubs which are framed by a striking glass wall, providing another panoramic view of the harbour and the sea.

Each floor of The Krane is Copenhagen can be rented out separately, so head over to The Krane Website for more details. Prices for The Krane Room start at around £2,200 (€2,500) per night.