You may remember last year we published our favourite weirdest museums from around the world, featuring everything from the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum to the British Lawnmower Museum. Well, a new museum is about to open in Sweden which is so good, we thought it deserved its own special mention. Introducing the Museum of Failure, a collection of some of the world’s best failed inventions.

A Museum Is Opening for the World’s Worst Inventions

The Museum of Failure is the brainchild of Samuel West, a collector and self-described innovation researcher. The museum exhibition in the Swedish city of Helsingborg is all about honouring the creative process with a collection of interesting innovation failures. The museum is billed as ‘a fascinating learning experience’ for visitors, with every item providing a unique insight into the risky business of innovation.

There’s over sixty items at the Museum of Failure, and some featured aren’t necessarily the worst ideas in the world, they just didn’t take off as anticipated. The likes of the Apple Newton, the Google Glass and Kodak’s Digital Camera firmly fall into that class. But there are some truly horrific ideas featured in the Museum where you’ll almost certainly be asking, “what were they thinking?”

Museum of Failure Sweden Colgate

Items such as the Bic for Her, a pen made exclusively for humans of the female variety, certainly falls into that category. There’s also a Trump board game where you deal in cash emblazoned with Donald’s face, and not to mention dental giants Colgate and their range of frozen foods.

Museum of Failure Sweden Nokia

Other items features include the famed Nokia N-gage mobile phone, the Sony Betamax, a Harley-Davidson Perfume, and a face mask designed to take the years away by giving you intermittent electric shocks.

The Museum of Failure exhibition is open to the public from 7th June at Kulturhotellet Södergatan 15, Helsingborg, Sweden. Only a short walk from the train station, the exhibition will be presented in both Swedish and English. Head over to the Museum of Failure Website for more details.

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