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Verrückt Water Slide. Tallest Water Slide in the World

There are few rides in the world where the attendant must first read out a two-page list of safety precautions to anybody dare devilish enough to step on board. The Verrückt Water Slide, however, is one of those rides. Situated in Kansas City, Missouri, this fearsome edifice has recently been crowned the tallest water slide in the world.

This is no mean feat, especially considering the abundance of huge-assed water slides out there already. Rio’s aptly-named Kilamanjaro, Italy’s Spacemaker, Kentucky’s Deep Water Dive, and the bizarrely-named Stukas BOOM are all dwarfed by the Verrückt Water Slide. The slide is so tall that, two thirds of the way up, visitors are greeted by a sign telling them they’ve reached the height of the Statue of Liberty.

Once you’ve ascended the 264 steps, however, and are standing at the top of the 168ft Verrückt (also taller than Niagara Falls), the view is said to be spectacular. The only issue is that, unlike the viewing platform of the Empire State Building, or the Burj Khalifa, the only way down is to sit in a raft and, essentially, drop. No doubt there will be an abundance of POV videos posted onto YouTube over the next few weeks but at the moment, and from we’ve seen in the video below, it all looks pretty terrifying!


That’s not to say of course, that given a free ticket to Missouri, we wouldn’t be the first ones climbing the enormous stairway to the Verrückt, a mixture of excitement and paralysed fear on our faces. After all, how many times do you get a chance to ride the biggest water slide in the world? Not very often, is the answer. In fact, the closest most people usually come is one of those 10ft water slides seen in pretty much every public swimming nationwide, a queue of excited 8-year-olds waiting to climb the steps.

The Verrückt, which, incidentally, is pronounced ‘far-rookt’ and comes from the German word for ‘insane,’ is essentially the Kingda Ka of water slides; and enough to make anybody jealous of Kansas City residents.

Check out the video below:




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