Continuing our quest to find the most interesting abodes and accommodations around the planet, our next stop takes us to Scandinavia and Northern Norway to this stunning Infinity House by Rotterdam-based architect Vladimir Konovalov.

Vladimir Konovalov Infinity House, Norway

Perfect for those who prefer a quieter retreat in the solitude of the wilderness, Infinity House was designed for this very purpose. Surrounded by harsh northern landscapes with panoramic views of mountains and the Norwegian Sea, the Infinity House is sculptured with a single block of concrete with ‘infinity windows’ designed to take advantage of spectacular scenery.

The feat of architecture consists of three main elements; the exterior concrete superstructure, a ‘black box’ with a bathroom and a secret staircase, and an incredible black concrete infinity pool on top of the roof.

Vladimir Konovalov Infinity House Norway 3

The main part of the home comes with an open-plan space featuring a living room, kitchen and bedroom. The interiors are suitably Scandi and come in subtle, monochrome tones for some real minimalism, so not to distract from the ever changing light and colours on the outside.

The enclosed ‘black box’, which contains the bathroom and stairs, is where you reach the 21m infinity pool on the roof. The heated pool is divided in two areas – swimming lane and resting bath, providing various recreational opportunities for the owners. Not to mention stunning views over the breath-taking landscape. Other features include a large fireplace for the colder Norwegian winters.

Head over to the Vladimir Konovalov Website to see more of his incredible works.

Vladimir Konovalov Infinity House Norway 5
Vladimir Konovalov Infinity House Norway 4
Vladimir Konovalov Infinity House Norway 2



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