For most of us, the Northern Lights are on the travel bucket list. And with it being the festive season, Lapland would seem like as good a place as any to see them! While you can go aurora hunting by car or foot, one of the coolest ways we’ve come across is on the awesome Aurora Bubble Sled.

Watch the Finnish Northern Lights in Comfort with the Aurora Bubble Sled

The Aurora Bubble Sled gives Joes, Janes and their youngsters the chance to see an Aurora Borealis in the relative solitude of a transparent trailer on the back of a snow mobile. As well as avoiding any light pollution, you’ll also avoid the elements while still experiencing the wilderness of the Artic Tundra.

The experience is ran by Off the Map Travel, a company who aim to offer tailor-make trips, specialising in Northern Lights adventures in Scandinavia. The Aurora Bubble Sled is located in Kilpisjarvi, Finland (generally referred to as Lapland), which is said to be one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights.

Aurora Bubble Sled Finland 2
Once in the bubble, users are towed out into the Tundra to see the lights. They’re given a mobile phone in case of emergency and they can always return to accommodation if nature calls during the stay.

While the Bubble is comfortable and relatively warm – it comes with a heater, bean bags and a matrass – it is basic. Able to accommodate two people staying overnight or four people for an excursion, the sled comes with a 180-degree transparent polycarbonate roof for front-to-back views, and two glass fibre porthole windows either side of the pod.

The Aurora Bubble Sled can be booked over at the Off the Map Travel Website. There’s currently only one sled in use at the moment, but there are plans to add more at some point next year.

Aurora Bubble Sled Finland 3



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