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Whiskey Island, New York

Thankfully the dark days of Prohibition, where upstanding average Joes were forced into bootlegging just for a drop of the good stuff, can now be considered distant history and the setting for top quality HBO dramas.

During that period, though, the American landscape became dotted with boozy paradises, normally along busy shipping routes. One such haunt is New York’s Whiskey Island, which has just gone on sale!

Situated along one of the most stunning stretches of freshwater scenery in the world, Whiskey Island is one of the 1,864 islands that make up the Thousand Islands archipelago which straddles the Canada-U.S. border between New York and Ontario.

The 3.1 acre island includes an 1875 lodge which has been renovated complete with 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large kitchen, family room, a library/office and numerous screened and open porches.

Ancillary structures include a 2-bedroom guest cottage, a brand spanking new 2 slip boathouse, deepwater docks and swim deck. Due to its location, there’s naturally a plethora of panoramic river vistas, plenty of privacy and a superior harbour.

Whiskey Island got its name during Prohibition when it was used by smugglers bringing booze across the US/Canadian border. The stunning island was used by bootleggers to transport alcohol across the Canadian border to the USA during the 14-year ban, which began in 1919.

Whiskey Island is located towards the South-West end of the Thousand Islands at the head of Grindstone Island. It’s nestled along the edge of upstate New York and is just minutes from the Canadian border. There’s plenty of big cities around with Ottawa just 1 and 1/2 hours away by car, plus Montreal and Toronto just 2 and ½ and 3 hours away, respectively.

Whiskey Island is up for sale on Vladi Private Islands estate agents with a price tag of $3million, which works out at around £2million with a bit of change for some penny chews or a speedboat. Check out more details or get bidding on this piece of American history on the Vladi Whiskey Island Website.




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