Continuing our quest for the best alternative getaways on God’s green Earth, we bring you this secret gem in the Swiss Alps. With one of the most breath-taking views you’ll find across Europe, take a look at the awesome Whitepod Hotel!

Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

Whitepod Hotel is located at the start of the Alps and at foot of the du-Midi mountain range in the canton of Valais. It faces the renowned ski resort Villars and stands above Monthey – giving some truly spectacular views of the city.

Whitepod is all about sustainability and environmental conservation. As such, the use of energy and water is controlled, waste is recycled, local ingredients are purchased locally and the staff live nearby walking to work, meaning you get a real sense of community at the hotel.

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There are 15 pods in total and each one comes with its own wood-burning stove, fully fitted bathrooms – with a shower, sink, toilet, hair-dryer, towels and amenities – as well as beds and a mezzanine level if so choose one.

The pods are also extremely energy efficient and it’s all in the design. The ambient airflow inside the dome is continuous, with no stagnant corners, which means they require less energy to circulate air and maintain even temperatures. They also have a lower ratio of outside perimeter to the enclosed living area, which means the less energy is required for building, heating and cooling.

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The Pod-house is located at the centre of the complex and hosts a breakfast room, a sauna and massage area, a bar and a meeting room. There’s also a restaurant if you want to stick around on site.

If you do fancy getting out and exploring the vast local wildness, there’s plenty to do for everyone. As well as treatments and massages, there are guided hikes through 25km of trails, tennis, paragliding and mountain biking for the summer, as well as private slopes for skiing and snowcooting (look it up!) for the Winter. You’ll also have the chance to go dogsledding!

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We love the Whitepod Hotel and think it’s a great alternative holiday for Joes who don’t need warmth to enjoy their getaways. We also like how it can cater for basically any mix of people with plenty of tranquillity for a romantic break as well as ton of activities for kids.

The Whitepod Hotel is a 45-minute drive from Montreux or a 1 and ½ hour drive from Geneva airport. You can check out prices and availability of rooms at the Whitepod Hotel Website.

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