There’s always going to something romantic about a stay in a treehouse, and continuing our search for the most awesome holiday destinations on the planet, take a look at this beauty available on Airbnb. Perched on the banks of a small pond, the Willow Treehouse is located on 34 acres in the Catskills on New York and pack everything you’d want from a cabin retreat.

The Willow Treehouse Is the Abode of Your Childhood Dreams

Yes, making all your childhood dreams come true, the Willow Treehouse upgrades the humble backyard retreat into something worth travelling for. Designed by Antony Gibbon and built by William Johnson, the Treehouse is a passion project that came to life.

Situated around 15mins away from Woodstock, the abode is stripped back, while still packing everything you’d need for a relaxing vacation. Used mainly as a couples or writing retreat, the Treehouse features an open interior with an eat-in kitchen, living space, bathroom, and sleeping mezzanine.


Glazed panels angled around the main living area provide glimpses of the surrounding landscape, while a full-height window offers water views to both the king-size bed and couch below. The sleeping loft is accessible by ladder only, so it is suggested you pack lightly.


The Willow Treehouse is settled among the trees, so naturally indoor/outdoor living is very incorporated. There’s a small, swimmable pond, right by the property, as well as an outdoor terrace and even a wood-fired hot tub, ideal for some late evening indulgence.

The Willow Treehouse is available to book now over at the Airbnb Website, where prices start at £249 a night (two nights minimum).


Designed by Anthony Hunt Design and Luke Stanley Architects, take a look at the awesome Kimo Hut, a tent-like abode which is also available on Airbnb and offers summit views across rural New South Wales in Australia.



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