Camping isn’t for everyone but there are some glamping options here in the UK which we reckon even the most vehement haters of campsites can get on board with. One such example is this Woodman’s Treehouse in Dorset, a wooden cabin which is said to be ‘the ultimate in luxury glamping’.

Woodman's Treehouse, Dorset

Located at the Crafty Camping site in the beautiful Dorset woodland, the Woodsman’s Treehouse is a totally private and unique experience set high up in the branches of a veteran oak tree. A stylish combination of sustainable craftsmanship and luxurious interiors, the treehouse is perfect for Joes who would rather a hot-tub than a long-drop.

The Woodman’s Treehouse opened this summer and has already been described as a ‘Utopia’, with uninterrupted vistas through the tree canopy and luxury features such as your own sauna and hot tub on the upper deck, a revolving woodburner, an open air tree-shower and a stainless steel slide.

Woodmans Treehouse Dorset 5
The Treehouse comes with a grand pier-like boardwalk which extends into your abode. Inside you’ll find a king-sized bed, a double-ended copper bath, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a rotating fireplace that can be pointed toward the bed, sofa or kitchen to heat things up in the winter. Another quirky feature indoors is a window in the floor which looks down to the stream below.

Woodmans Treehouse Dorset 4
Outside is where things get really cool, however. There’s a wood fired pizza oven and barbeque on deck, as well as an awesome outdoor tree showers – supplied with endless piping hot water. Head up the spiral staircase and you’ll then get taken up to the roof/spa deck, where you’ll find a hot tub and a sauna in complete privacy.

The Woodman’s Treehouse is available now for £390 a night but be warned; things are booked up for fair while. Head over to the Guy Mallinson Website for more details.

Woodmans Treehouse Dorset 3
Woodmans Treehouse Dorset 2



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