It’s Chinese New Year and to mark the start of the Year of the Dog, we’re celebrating something that the event does better than most, fireworks! Chinese New Year is one of the most important days in the Chinese calendar with China going big for the annual festival. Fireworks play a major role in the festivities as they’re said to drive away the evil.

World’s Best Fireworks Displays

Whether it’s sparklers in your back garden or gigantic displays to mark the New Year, nothing quite captures the imagination like the crackle and fizz of a humble firework. Here’s our list together some of the best places in the world to watch a display. Enjoy!

Humano, Japan

One of the biggest annual fireworks displays in Asia, and indeed on the planet, takes place in Kumano, Japan. The Fireworks Festival brings in some of the best display teams in the country with a gigantic display finale which goes on for a good couple of hours. The clip below comes from the 2009 Fireworks Festival around 20 before the crescendo of the display. It’s been labelled ‘The Big One’ and you can see why…!

Vancouver, Canada

Since its inception in 1990, the Celebration of Light has become one of the most prestigious fireworks competitions in the world. Taking place in Vancouver, Canada, the event attracts some of the best fireworks designers from the further corners of the earth. The competition is one of Vancouver’s most popular celebrations with the multiple-day event attracting an estimated 1.4 million people each year.

World's Best Fireworks Displays Vancouver Canada

Dubai, UAE

If you ever get the opportunity to spend New Year in Dubai, take it! As well as the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, firing off thousands of fireworks each year, the city holds the world record for the biggest fireworks display. It took place at the Palm Jumeirah and World Islands and the record stands having shot off over 479,000 shells on the two artificial islands in just 6 minutes. That’s a rate of over 1000 shells a second!

World's Best Fireworks Displays Dubai UAE

Sydney, Australia

As it’s one of the first cities in the world to enter it, Sydney has always held a tradition of heading into the New Year in style with a huge fireworks display. It’s one of the most beautiful and iconic settings on our list with millions of Joes watching the display going on above the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge.

World's Best Fireworks Displays Sydney Australia

Pohang, South Korea

The Pohang International Fireworks Festival is the biggest annual fireworks event in Asia and sees some of the most creative exhibitions you’re ever likely to see. The nine day event in South Korea is not just about the fireworks though with an array of watersports on offer as well as the mother of all sandcastle competitions.

World's Best Fireworks Displays Pohang South Korea

Montreal, Canada

The biggest fireworks competition in the world takes place in Montreal, Canada. The month long Montreal International Fireworks Competition brings in spectators and designers from across the globe as competitors bring their best 30 minute displays to compete for the prestigious Jupiter award for best-in-show.

World's Best Fireworks Displays Montreal Canada

London, England

If you’re looking for a special setting as well as mind-blowing fireworks, you’d struggle to find anywhere better in the world than the South Bank in London at New Year. It can get seriously crowded but if you’re lucky enough to find a decent spot, breath-taking fireworks light up the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and even come out of Big Ben himself!

World's Best Fireworks Displays London England



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