If you’re looking to go hardcore this winter, then look no further than the world’s first permanent ice hotel, Icehotel 365 in Sweden. Located 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle in the Jukkasjärvi region, where the sun doesn’t set for 100 days, Icehotel 365 is available all year round.

World’s First Permanent Ice Hotel, Sweden

Constructed completely out of snow and ice, the original Icehotel in Sweden was first built in 1989 and is now its 27th iteration. But thanks to a raising temperatures and the energy it would cost to sustain the cold climate needed to stop melting, the hotel has needed to be rebuilt each year. Until now!

Designed by various artists from across the globe, Icehotel 365 houses 10 luxury suites with en suites, 12 art suites, a bar, and an art gallery. It’s powered by solar panels harvested during the summer months to keep the temperature as low as 23-degrees Fahrenheit (-5 Celsius), ensuring the hotel remains cold throughout the warmer season.

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The Icehotel 365 has been built right next to the original as it will form part of the classic Icehotel, which is about three times its size. The sustainable solar technology used is only a recent breakthrough with Swedish solar pioneers Solkompaniet involved in the project.

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The new addition to the Icehotel will mean that guests can enjoy all of the activities a summer in the Swedish wilderness has to offer, such as dog sledding hiking under the midnight sun and, of course, the northern lights,.

The Icehotel 365 is available to book now for around £178 a night. Head over to the Icehotel Website for more details.

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