World’s Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel Opens in China

The world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel has just opened in the Shandong province of China. Named the Bailing Bridge Ferris Wheel, the juggernaut measures in at a whopping 145m high, 10m taller than the famed London Eye.

Built by Tianjin Craftsman Manufacture, the Ferris wheel installation overlooks the Bailang River near to the city of Weifang. Much like the London Eye on the Thames Southbank, Bailing Bridge’s wheel will also be used for public recreation with the aim of bringing in tourism to the region.

The Wheel features 36 individual carriages in total, with each being able to host up to 10 people at any time. Each carriage boasts Wi-Fi and individual television sets should the magnificent view of the Bailang River below get a little samey. Each rotation/ride takes around 28 minutes.

Ferris Wheel Bailang River Bridge 2

Being spokeless, the Ferris wheel doesn’t rotate like standard wheels. Instead, a built-in running gear rotates the cars around the static circle. Not only is the Bailing Bridge Ferris Wheel unique in its size, it’s also the first time that a spokeless Ferris wheel has been constructed with a grid design, with the wheel said to have been designed using the same structure as a kite.

The Bailang River Bridge Ferris Wheel tops the size of the famous ‘Turn of Fortune’ spokeless wheel in Changzhou, also in China, and the makers of the structure Tianjin Craftsman Manufacture ‘sincerely hope that the Ferris wheel will become the landmark architecture of urban landscape of Weifang.’

Ferris Wheel Bailang River Bridge 3