Current affairs and culture magazine, Monocle, has just released its annual Quality of Life survey, which reveals the top 25 most liveable cities in the world. From Amsterdam to Auckland, the survey spans the globe looking at everything from the price of a cup of coffee to the number business in the city. Overall, around 60 metrics are used to finalise the list but which city comes out of top for the 11th edition?

World's Top 25 Most Liveable Cities 2017 According to 'Monocle'

Here are Monocle Magazine’s top 25 most liveable cities for 2017;

25. Oslo
24. Portland
23. Brisbane
22. Auckland
21. Singapore
20. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has long been one of our favourite European cities. Not only is it relatively cheap, it’s also gorgeous from virtually every angle. The Dutch sort-of-capital has the ambience of a European metropolis but does away with many of the big city annoyances. Primarily, Amsterdam isn’t the biggest city in the world which means you can walk or cycle, as the locals do, pretty much anywhere. But don’t think its lack of size means it’s dull. As well as the canals and buildings making it great to look at it, its galleries and cafes make it perfect for culture vultures.


19. Dusseldorf
18. Vancouver
17. Barcelona
16. Lisbon

We’re not surprised to see Lisbon make Monocle’s list. The Portuguese capital is a city for anyone and everyone. Safe, friendly and relatively small, it’s an ideal place to go exploring with plenty of history from the likes of the imposing São Jorge Castle, as well as incredible food and all the modernity a cosmopolitan capital offers.


15. Hong Kong
14. Fukuoka
13. Helsinki
12. Kyoto
11. Stockholm
10. Madrid
9. Hamburg

The northern German city may not be costal but you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise thanks to its plethora of picturesque waterways and its gigantic port. Being Germany’s second largest city, there’s plenty to do in Hamburg and you can essentially curate any sort of lifestyle you like in the city. If you want art and culture, Hamburg has numerous museums and a thriving café culture, while party-goers can hit up the infamous Reeperbahn for a night of debauchery.


8. Zürich
7. Sydney
6. Copenhagen
5. Melbourne
3. Berlin/Munich
2. Vienna
1. Tokyo

For the third year in a row, Monocle have crowned Tokyo as the most liveable city on the entire planet. According to Monocle, “Tokyo has urban living down to a fine art,” adding, “the city’s robust charms come from the combination of tight-knit neighbourhoods, exciting food scenes, trains leaving when they’re supposed to and general ease of moving around of what should be an unbearably crowded city.” And who could argue with them?


So there we have it, Tokyo is officially the most liveable place in the world. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below and head over to the Monocle Website to see a video featuring their top 25.



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