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Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida


America’s Palm Beach, given the right time of year may well be one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth. It may not hold the amazing views of the Sydney Harbour, or the emotional attachment of Paris, but in terms of inspiration for the already rich and famous, it goes some way to make even the richest people in the world very humble.

America’s Palm Beach, given the right time of year may well be one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth. It may not hold the amazing views of the Sydney Harbour, or the emotional attachment of Paris, but in terms of inspiration for the already rich and famous, it goes some way to make even the richest people in the world very humble.

During the ‘season’ of December through to Easter, Florida holds the key of being home to the best weather in the states. What does this mean? It means everyone who is everyone will be ‘holidaying’ here, and in-particular Palm Beach. Its sandy shores, exquisite shops, vast mansions and town sized yachts become the playground of the extremely rich, the extremely powerful and only the most famous. The likes of Donald Trump, Michael Jackson, Malcolm Glazer, Rod Stewart and Vera Wang all have (or have had) homes here.

16 miles in length and a year round population of just over 10,000 (swelling to 30,000 at it’s peak), at the heart of this island is Worth Avenue. A mile long stretch of near perfect one-way street clad with Bentleys, Astons, Sugar Daddies, some of the hottest women on the planet and of course an abundance of great stores and retail frontage. Come and take a stroll with us down Worth Avenue, as we start on the East Coast and the sandy beaches looking over the Atlantic.

The Stroll

As you walk down from the clock tower and monument, you immediately wonder what you are walking into, the impression from the people walking the streets, the pedigree of cars running down the centre, it already feels a little special. A few hundreds yards in you will reach a flagship Gucci Store, let’s be honest, not that special and two a penny (or thousand dollars) in today’s world, but the now slightly above average, gets even better.


Our first stop is Saks of Fifth Avenue, I would imagine the largest space on Worth and although mainly featuring ladies wear, it did house my favourite menswear selection of the whole strip. Immediately drawn to the window by a classic British check sports jacket, and upon walking through the door, sat a pair of perfect leather brogues. Wanting to buy was the immediate thought, thankfully as a humble writer from the UK, the combined $2000 price tag was a touch out of my reach, but a boy can dream right?

You will find a whole range of styles in-store to suit a wide range of ages and tastes, including some great footwear and a good selection of exclusive watches.


Other menswear on Worth featured H and M (nope not that H and M) which was your typical brightly coloured, bad beachwear from the American Ralph like stable. There were a few nice pieces and some great deck shoes, but it was definitely more for the older gentleman and perhaps even quite large (nothing to fit a tall, slim athletic type). Worth a quick nose, but don’t worry if you miss it.

A little further along and we hit Italian designers Giorgio’s, which is a place to behold even on its own. As you enter the door, I first looked right and clapped eyes on my perfect desk. Old English Oak with panels of Alligator skin and a completely covered Alligator skin chair. This would look perfect in my office, but it wouldn’t quite fit in my suitcase, which was a disappointment. A look round, and another potential masterpiece caught my eye, a fully functional, self playing grand concert piano. Again clad ‘head to toe’ in Alligator skin. It was a double take that it was real, and carried a price tag alone of $875,000, even so, as the only one in the world, I can’t see it being sold!


It’s not just the outrageous furniture though, you will find some of the finest handmade clothes and luggage inside. Some unbelievable suits, tailored shirts, silk ties and the finest merino wool jumpers are just some of the delights. Well worth a peek inside.


Whilst on ‘Worth’, you can of course treat your lady (or just leave her here for the day!) with the likes of Tiffany, Chanel (thanks for the free wi-fi) and Couture to mention just a few. If you are an art fanatic, look no further. Various galleries are housed along the palm lined street, ranging from some crazy abstract pieces to a photo gallery featuring a number of Beatles originals which are will worth a look. And thanks to Holden Luntz for letting us take the snaps.


Hidden Treasures

Don’t just think it’s about what you can see, we are only touching the surface. Every few hundred metres you will find a gem of a courtyard featuring independent boutiques, coffee shops and eateries. It is worth popping into pretty much every one, you never know what you might find and each seems to have a different design and style on offer, from flowers to architecture, it is really all here.



On the Worth Avenue the small front of ta-boo at the east end seems to be a popular choice, with a varied menu and great reputation. Aside from that I would suggest the abundance of small establishments which feature in the many side streets and squares. Equally just a short walk away is the recently refurbished Chesterfield Hotel, with its world famous Leopard Lounge. A well varied lunch menu is available in-side or in the courtyard and for one of the best hotels on the ‘island’, it really is quite reasonable. They also offer afternoon tea in the library, check out our full review of it in the coming weeks. Of course you can walk just a little further to the world famous Breakers Hotel, though it isn’t exactly easy to get a table..!



Hotels are similar to the food with the two most popular hotels the Chesterfield and the Breakers. If you are staying for a week, it may be better to look into a short term holiday let.

Overall, Palm Beach is a great place to visit, with year long sun, beaches and pretty much everything else, you will find things to do for the whole week. You can even pop back over the bridge and onto the mainland to West Palm Beach. It has a younger, cooler vibe, with an abundance of bars and shops. It was a very cool place to go out and let your hair down.




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