Continuing our search for the most unique hotels on the planet, take a look at this drop-dead stunning Yunak Evleri Hotel in the magical Cappadocia region of Turkey. Featuring numerous abodes, including seven accommodations actually built into a cave, some rooms at Yunak Evleri date back as far as the 5th and 6th centuries.

Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel, Turkey

Located in the ancient village of Ürgüp, the Yunak Evleri Hotel is a unique cave hotel carved into a mountain cliff, the Yunak Evleri. The site of the hotel features a labyrinth of breath-taking narrow passageways and curved stone stairways which lead to unique rooms tastefully decorated in warm traditional Turkish style.

Ranging from exotic luxury caves to family suites, the hotel includes 7 cave houses, with 40 rooms dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries, as well as a 19th century Greek Mansion. In total, there are 15 Suites, 3 Deluxes and 22 Classics, with space for 80 guests overall.

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The cave houses are naturally the main attraction and inside you’ll find Emperador marble floors, handcrafted lace curtains, antique chests and bedside tables, traditional bed covers, old brass bedsteads, old handcrafted writing desks, old kilim carpets and antique lighting have been chosen with care and with simplicity in mind.

At the foot of the cliff stands the hotel’s main lobby which is housed in the 19th century Greek mansion. In the stone building, you’ll find cozy meeting rooms as well as entertainment rooms with music and films you can borrow.

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Evenings are naturally outdoor orientated with features such as outdoor fireplaces surrounded by Turkish pillows, candlelight dining on an adjacent rooftop terrace and long walks around the historical site.

Perfectly fusing modern today and traditional past, Yunak Evleri is an ideal base for exploring Cappadocia’s elaborate underground cities, hidden cavernous churches and enchanting rock terrain. It’s also one of the most popular spots in the world to go up in a Hot Air Balloon.

Prices at the Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel start at around the £100 mark per night with prices obviously significantly rising if you want to stay in the cave rooms. Head over to the Yunak Evleri Hotel Website for booking details.

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