Waterside and Mountainside Vistas Surround the Z9 Resort in Thailand

Forever on the search for the most interesting accommodation on the planet, take a look at the awesome Z9 Resort in Thailand which boasts 15 raft-like floating rooms to compliment the surrounding waterside and mountain views.

Located by the waters of the Srinakarin Dam in South-West Thailand, the Z9 resort aims to ‘cleanse the mind and spirit’ in one of Thailand’s most peaceful landscapes. The resort’s floating houses are fitted with floor-to-ceiling glazing, offering guest uninterrupted views of the mountains and river.

Alongside Z9’s signature floating rooms, the resort also features hotel rooms on land, as well as a lobby and café/bakery – all of which are designed to make the most of the sunrise and sunset.


The resort is focused on sustainability wherever possible through its ‘3R’ concept; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. As such, existing wood on from the resort is used to create decorations on newer structures, such as furniture, while the site also aims to create as little an environmental footprint as possible.


Each buildings at Z9 uses natural ventilation and is constructed using steel structures which are far more eco-friendly than the likes of concrete. Ceilings are also clad with OSB panels, which are created by compressing layers of re-used wood chips.

Head over to the Z9 Resort Website now where you can book a room for as little as £115 a night.


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