Sleep Under the Stars at the Zero Real Estate Open-Air Hotel

Though rooms with a views aren’t hard to come by, booking a room with entirely unrestricted views of panoramic beauty most certainly are. With that in mind, take a look at the Zero Real Estate hotel in Switzerland. With no walls, roof or bathroom, and consists solely of a bed with a couple of nightstands and lamps, the open-air room provides arguable the best bedside views on the planet!

Located in the Swiss Alps in the Toggenburg region, the Zero Real Estate pop-up hotel is as close to nature as it gets. There are three open-air suites in total, found just a few minutes’ walk or drive away from Hotel Stump’s Alpenrose in Wildhaus, Switzerland.

Each room consists of nothing more than a double bed and two nightstands sitting on a wooden platform. Free of walls and roofs, the rooms are subject to sweeping views of the landscape including the Churfirsten mountain range, the Schwendi lakes, and the Rhine Valley depending on which room your opt for.


As well as falling asleep under the stars, you’ll also have your very own butler service who’ll lead you to your abode and also serve you breakfast in bed when the sun rises the next morning. If things get rainy, there are backup rooms and toilets are located in short walking distances from the beds.

Packages at the Zero Real Estate hotel in Switzerland starts at around £225 (295 CHF) a night with bookings only available for one night at a time. Reservations are being taken until 1st September. Find out more over at the Toggenburg Website.


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