The Zwembalkons Hotel Concept is the result of Indian real estate company Wadhwa Group combining with architect James Law to produce one of the most talked about hotels of 2014. And whilst gullible Facebook fans will tell you this is a real hotel in Dubai, it definitely isn’t! Instead, a concept hotel earmarked for Mumbai.

Zwembalkons Hotel Concept - Mumbai

‘Zwembalkons’ literally translates to ‘Swim Balcony’ in Dutch, and the renderings showcase what is in the pipeline – A hotel concept with the boldest of designs, featuring swimming pools surrounded by glass in place of balconies. The 37 storey building would house 200 apartment rooms, three levels of car parking alongside a gym and sauna.

Now of course the whole thing would be a logistical nightmare, and no doubt an accident waiting to happen. But we can dream can’t we?

We think it’ll be a great reason to book a stay in India. We’ll await confirmation that the hotel has had the go ahead and then sign us up!




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