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Angry Birds Go! Party Mode

The original app that really brought phone gaming to the masses. Angry Birds! Their latest, Angry Birds Go! has previously only available with one-on-one gameplay. But that is all about to change with a local multiplayer feature that will allow group play. In celebration, Angry Birds Go! have released a silly but nice little promotional video.

Angry Birds Go! has now been downloaded over 130 million times – that’s a lot! To put that into context, the amount of people who have downloaded Angry Birds Go! has now exceeded the sale of every Mario kart ever made – combined.

The party mode for Angry Birds Go! now means players can play against each other on different devices connected through Wifi. For the first time in an Angry Birds title, fans can get competitive and play one-on-one with friends on different devices, in the same game, at the same time and in the same location.


The promo shows various individuals doing things you’d normally do with someone else, such as playing tennis and riding a rollercoaster – only all on their lonesome… That is until they all meet to play Angry Birds Go! It’s a little cheesey but it did raise a big smile.

“In trying to make friendly multiplayer happen in our games, there was no question that Angry Birds Go! would be the perfect fit. Anyone who played console games as a child remembers the excitement when playing with a group of friends. This is our goal with Angry Birds Go!” said Wilhelm Taht, Head of External Products at Rovio.

To experience party mode first hand, download Angry Birds Go! for iOS or Android. Have a look at the video below.

This post was kindly sponsored by Angry Birds Go!



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