Last updated on June 23rd, 2017 at 12:55 pm

C by Covert

C by Covert are one of the upcoming brands in quality and fashionable mobile accessories. Utilising friendly, organic tones and design for an understated yet classy look.

Although many of these brands seem to originate from Scandinavia, C by Covert are British based, using British design to create more local and sustainable protection for your product. Providing a range of Mobile Phone and Tablet cases, of course including iPad and iPhone, the 2 stand-outs and our personal favourites are Stafford and Cavalry.

Unfortunately in recent years this has become a somewhat crowded market place, and making yourself stand out from the crowd can be somewhat of a daunting task, even with a quality product. And the new range by Covert, C has decided to head down the character route and create a personality to help create some traction.

Orlando is interesting to say the least, a parody you might say of the current crop of fashion ‘influencers’ that try to brand themselves as a little bit of everything when really they are very much alot of nothing. It’s an interesting concept, and to be fair a pretty entraining video.



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