Castrol EDGE has just premiered its latest Titanium Trial driving challenge in a world first. Fusing video game technology with real life driving. A head-to-head race between two driving stars – Formula Drift pro Matt Powers and none other than ‘The Stig’ AKA stunt driver Ben Collins – that took place on the track and also in virtual reality, and the result is incredibly cool!

Sponsored Video: Castrol Edge presents #VirtualRacers

The race saw the young rookie, Matt Powers, go up against the more experienced driver, Ben Collins, on a real life track in LA while driving 2015 V8 Ford Mustangs lubricated by Castrol EDGE engine oil.

Castrol Edge Virtual Racers 2

The twist is that all the drivers could see was a peril-filled virtual reality track featuring an ever-evolving terrain of sheer drops and death defying twists and turns through some state-of-the-art Oculus Rift Kit 2 headsets! Sounds complicated? It couldn’t be simpler! Every turn or acceleration Powers or Collins made on the real track would be duplicated in the ‘gaming’ track.

Castrol Edge Virtual Racers 1

The #VirtualRacers challenge is the most recent episode in the Castrol EDGE Titanium Trials – a series of high-powered driving challenges that bring man, machine and oil together to push the boundaries of performance.

We won’t spoil who wins the race but needless to say it’s a pretty close call between these two legends. Check out all the Titanium Trials on the Castrol Website and take a look at the brilliant video below documenting the day!

This post has been kindly sponsored by Castrol.



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