Us Brits seriously love our bacon. Breakfast, lunch, dinner… we don’t care as long as we have our crispy pork. But there is a problem which the good people at Danepak are about to finally sort for us. The great Danes are launching Reclosable Packs, allowing you to close up those packs of bacon seal in the goodness!

Danepak Reclosable Pack

Being the absolute experts in bacon, Danepak are introducing packs of bacon which stops your meat from drying out in the fridge. Might not sound like much, but it’s the little things in life that matter and when it comes to bacon, the things that really matter!

To celebrate the release of the Reclosable Packs, Danepak have released a short hilarious advert demonstrating the product and the company’s love for bacon. Perched at the edge of a cliff in a car about to tip, all seems lost for a couple.. thank God for Danepak bacon..

We say our bacon passion is being criminally under catered for, but the Danish and Danepak might just be as passionate about the stuff as we are here in the UK. As well as provided top notch porky goodness, they also started the popular online community, the Serious Bacon Club.

Since its launch last August, The Serious Bacon Club has been a popular go-to for bacon lovers up and down the country to share their love for the stuff, as well as a platform to run competitions like the Great British Bacon Off and sell awesome ideas like the Bacon Air Freshener!

To join the Serious Bacon Club movement, head over to their Facebook Page or their YouTube Channel!

Danepak Reclosable 1

The Danepak Reclosable Pack advert was powered by REDPILL.



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