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Ford Ecoboost

The Ford EcoBoost Engine shouldn’t need any introductions, but just in case you don’t know much about the little l litre maestro, here is your very one.

Winning pretty much every combustion engine based award under the sun over the past 2 years, it is a motoring marvel. Obvious advantages are the low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, but being able to push out 123BHP as standard, the 3 cylinder block is also a mini power house, especially when combined with it’s low weight. Making it great fun in nearly every car, not to mention a little, low one seater.

In-fact, Ford went one step further with a special edition road legal Formula Ford 200 1L Ecoboost, and managed to take that 1 litre engine and find a whole 205 horses out of it. Yes, that really does say 205BHP from a 1 litre engine.

That resulted in a rather earth shattering 7 minutes and 22 seconds around the world famous Nurburgring last year. Covering the 12.94 mile Nordschleife quicker than a Lamorghini Aventador or a McLaren MP4-12C, not to mention it returned nearly 50 miles per gallon in the process.

7:22 was at the time the 11th fastest time ever recorded around the Nordschleife. Ford claim the latest Formula Ford 200 1L Ecoboost is capable of 160mph and 0-60mph in less than four seconds. Pushing the boundaries? We think so.

For more information about Ford and their current tech, head on over to the Ford website.

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