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giffgaff House of Horrors

It’s Halloween and giffgaff, the contract-free mobile network, has released an amusing short film entitled ‘House of Horror’ to reveal the everyday fears of its members. Sponsored by 7th Chamber.

The House of Horrors two-minute short is a wry horror film created in essence by giffgaff’s members. Based on a Facebook post back in August, giffgaff asked members to share their greatest fears when it comes to their phones and everyday life.

There are six fears that feature in the film:
1. Politicians… unsurprisingly.
2. Social media games/requests/tagging… stomach churning stuff.
3. Socks and sandals… enough to make you curl up in a ball in the corner.
4. Voicemails from your mother… that go on and on and on.
5. Phone battery dying… the red bar of fear.
6. Phone contracts… we’re not sure this wasn’t sneakily snuck in by giffgff but what could be scarier than being tied down, unable to move for two whole years?


giffgaff’s House of Horror film was shot by Ninian Doff inside a derelict Grade II listed mansion within the grounds of Beckenham Place Park. Will it be enough scare you out of your mobile contract this Halloween? Check out the video below!

This post has been kindly sponsored by giffgaff.



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