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giffgaff ‘No Contracts’ Phone Network

Fed up of being tied down to your phone contract for 2 years even though you know technology will move on and you can get a better deal elsewhere? Then giffgaff might just be for you! Sponsored by 7th Chamber.

giffgaff is a multi-award winning phone network based here in the UK known for its ‘no contracts’ approach to phones. giffgaff is a Scottish expression meaning, you give me something, I give you something back; and that’s exactly how the company do business.

The company seem to be changing the game when it comes to phone contracts boasting a consumer-centric approach that puts members at the heart of the brand’s offerings. Once your giffgaff SIM card is activated, members can buy any of giffgaff’s goodybags, another word for a bundle, that includes a mix of UK calls, text and internet and last for 30 days. We have tried it before, and we are still on it1


Based on research, giffgaff say that the majority of 16-24 year olds would avoid a phone contract if they had a choice. We make them right and to celebrate the ‘no contracts, no ties’ approach, giffgaff have released some fairly bonkers videos with the #heyyou slogan that celebrates the liberation of doing things differently. Check out the videos below…

According to giffgaffs research, a whopping 74% of 16-24 year olds who have previously had a phone contract didn’t read the terms and conditions before signing up. If you’re like us, you won’t be surprised and that probably speaks volumes!

So why not do things differently? giffgaff has recently updated all of its monthly goodybags to 4G, so every type of Joe should find something to their liking. Head on over to giffgaff.




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