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Spon Video: Heineken - The Odyssey Advert

Heineken are known for producing some of the very best adverts in the business, The Candidate being one of our picks for 2013. Quirky videos with some real people thrown into the mix over an awesome soundtrack usually does the trick. Well they are back at it again and attempting to hit the ground running with their new ad spot, Heineken – The Odyssey.

2014 is the year of the everyday man, and that is very much the theme. Every man, in every place, walking every part of life, no matter what his background has a talent. Whether that talent be for talking, jumping, dancing, football or opening a bottle beer with any possible object to hand. We all have one, and it is our job to find it. Who knows, some of us may even have more than one. The Odyssey follows this one man, or many different men, as they flow through a moment on a luxury cruise after coming aboard as a shipwrecked survivor.

It’s fun, slick and ultimately a ‘be happy’ video, that begs the question will this man impress his passengers and gain his ticket using his Limbo, diving and dancing skills, or be thrown overboard never to be seen again? As an interesting fact, none of these people are professional actors, all just Average Joes with plenty of talent.

Take a look below, oh and try not to smile as you watch with the super soundtrack by Noriel Vilela, 16 Toneladas.

What will you make yourself legendary in?


This post is kindly sponsored by Heineken.



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