The number of stereotypes labelled at tradespeople is often higher than most jobs. Which is why online demand service Local Heroes have got your backs with a network of local skilled independent tradespeople available for your plumbing, electrical and DIY needs.

Local Heroes – The Modern Tradesperson in Numbers

Local Heroes are looking to dispel tradespeople myths by sharing some research they carried out last year. The results shows how British tradespeople spend their time at work and at home, how they feel about their careers and how they consider themselves.

The results are interesting to say the least, showing that 80% of tradespeople researched consider themselves sensitive, while 90% say they’re happy with their work. However, some stereotypes won’t ever dispelled, with the research confirming tradespeople do like their tea and coffee with 16 and 15 cups drank a week, respectively.


According to the research in the infographic, 85% of tradespeople asked said they would choose the same job again – and that’s even with an average of 85 miles driven a week! And like any line of work, the happier you are in your job, the better the results.

Unfortunately ‘cowboy’ tradespeople aren’t yet completely a thing of the past. But with Local Heroes, the name alone acts as a guarantor of trust and quality service. Though all of their local tradespeople are independent and aren’t directly employed by the likes of British Gas, they meet industry standard accreditations and qualifications.

So if you need someone to do your plumbing, heating, drains, electrics, plastering, handymen, locksmiths, tiling, painting or decorating, head over to the Local Heroes Website to find your nearest accredited tradesperson and see the results from the research in the infographic below.


This post is in conjunction with Local Heroes but all thoughts and words are our own.



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