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Michelin: Living Total Performance

When you think of a tyre manafacturer, most will have Michelin pop in to their heads as the very first. Their quite brilliant, Michelin Man, was a mainstay of advertising for years and is still household character to this day. Whilst the brand may have grown up, the assurances around quality and technical advances haven’t.

Their new campaign goes to educate the Average Joe on the Myths and Truths of motoring with a series of new adverts and culminating in their latest video. There are a total of 8, and even the odd one surprised us. Just a few of our favourites are:

  • Driving around town slows down wear and tear on tyres. In truth, short journey’s actually cause near double the amount of wear and tear when compared to motorway driving
  • The larger and wider your tyres, the more grip you get in the rain. The true story? Narrow tyres dispell water quicker through the tread, and thus are closer to the tarmac
  • If you drive slowly and on shorter trips, you are less likely to have an accident. The reality? 60% of accidents happen in Urban areas at less than 30 miles per hour
  • Winter tyres can be used all year round with no detriment. The truth? Whilst they can be used all year round, a winter tyre used in dry summer conditions can take 1.5 metres more to stop than a summer tyre at 30mph

The new adverts and campaign will be soon spreading it’s way across the UK to motorists everywhere. Not convinced or have a tip of your own? Let us know below and we will share the very best with Michelin.


Whilst the content written here is completely our own, this post has kindly been sponsored by Michelin.



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