Sponsored: Paul Smith ‘A Suit to Travel In’

The king of British tailoring, Paul Smith, has announced his most dynamic and durable suit yet with A Suit to Travel In, made from high-twist 100% worsted wool, if you can only own one suit, it may well be this!

A Suit To Travel In is designed for movement and lots of it, with extra room across the back of the jacket to provide a full range of motion. This means Joes will stay sharp whether they’re doing cartwheels or simply sharing a beer with friends. That doesn’t mean this suit is loose and ill-fitting though. You see, it’s all in the fabric. While wool will naturally regulate your body temperature with its breathable wicking, the high-twist 100% worsted wool also maintains vitality which means your suit will always look pristine.


British Olympic medallist Max Whitlock demonstrates the incredible flexibility of ‘A Suit To Travel In’ as he puts the suit through its paces with a series of demanding gymnastic moves, all without causing a single crease. Check out the video below.

You probably can’t see it from the Max’ video but the wool used by Paul Smith in the fabric is so durable that even if you scrunch it in your hand, it’ll spring straight back into place with creases falling away before they’re allowed to form.

The men’s suit is available in 3 fits: Slim, Soho and Mayfair and is available from the Paul Smith Website where you can buy the suit in full or in individual pieces.


This post has been sponsored by Paul Smith.