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Polar RC3GPS Watch - Sponsored Video

Running is big business, and as a nation we like to think we are trying to all get a little healthier, and with it the growth in sports participation such as running and cycling.

Technology of course plays a big part, from trackers to the latest shoes there are an abundance of brands and products. And one of those sectors is of course watches, there are many different types, from those that track calories on an everyday fitness tip and to those that are geared purely towards directions and tracking. The all new Polar RC3GPS Watch falls into the later.

Around the standard features you would expect on a GPS watch would of course be tracking your run, but the Polar RC3GPS Watch has a few other tricks up his sleeve, firstly the ‘Back to Start‘ feature, which you can press at any point when you are out on your run or cycle and get directions right back to where you started. A god send for those of us who like to just get out there and see where the road (or track) takes us. You can also pre-programme routes through the website and upload them to your watch before you set out if you have a route in mind but no idea how to take it.

Take a look at the video below where Elle Vernon and Jonny Mellor have a little race to see who is quickest ‘Back to Start’.

This video is sponsored by Polar.



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