Renegades Wanted: On the water with Jeep

This week, we have been embarking on our own adventure. To celebrate the new Jeep Renegade and their Renegades Wanted Campaign, we packed up an actual Renegade and embarked on a roadtrip across to the beautiful Wales Countryside where we will be taking to the water! First up, a little canoeing in the sunshine to get our ‘sea-legs’ as it were. After that it was to North-wales and something a little faster. White Water Rafting!

They say that small 4×4’s / SUVs have the possibility of taking anything up to 50% of all cars sold. It is the fastest growing segment and everyone wants a piece of the action. They are about fun and pushing yourself to the limit with a certain lifestyle attached to them. As such the Renegades Wanted Campaign is all about a bucket list and doing something you may never do in your life again. We love trying new things and Wales is a great base to anything with a bit of adventure, including white water rafting! The National White Water Centre is a man-made stretch of water with a constant flow due to the hydro-dam which makes it perfect all year round!

We started the whole trip with something a little more relax. Canoeing along the beautiful River Wye with Wayne, our guide from Way2Go. Stunning scenery which looks like something straight out of Jurassic Park removed us from the hustle and bustle of the city as we instantly relaxed and meandered downstream. Spotting kingfishers and all sorts of other wildlife, we even managed to take along Scratch the dog. 6 miles of incredibly peaceful waterways is a great way to spend an afternoon, especially when it is sunny!


the relaxing waters of the Wye gave us the perfect to perfect our paddling technique for when we headed to the faster waters of North Wales at the National White Water Centre. It is a unique place set in the rolling hills. A purpose built track of water beneath a Hydro-dam which means they can control the level of water flow. Teamed with a couple of other randoms, we managed 5 runs and had the most energetic (and wet!) time! It was definitely something off our list and something we will do again somewhere a little more exotic!


The new Renegade is a fun and ultimate quite entry level to the SUV sector but made by Jeep, it is incredibly premium for the money. It was the perfect driving companion and the way to enter a more active lifestyle! This is your very last chance to win a tick on your bucket list. All you have to do is head over to the Renegades Wanted Mini Site and enter!!


This post content is kindly sponsored by Jeep.