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Sponsored: Ian Poulter: Moment of Truth

It’s quite rare where a short film comes along and moves us, but this may well be one of the very few. In a year of the recent (and quite awesome Open) coming back to Great British Champion, and an event more special as golf and the Ryder Cup come up to roost at Glen Eagles in Scotland, we shouldn’t be surprised when someone make their mark in video.

Ballantine’s and their new golf division challenged Ian Poulter to honesty and frankness, and the chance to share the one moment in his life when everything became real. As with so many pros, it comes down to qualifying school, and ultimately one shot, 1.5 seconds of thought based around 20 years of hard work. Will it make or break? Well for Ian Poulter, we all know the outcome. One of the most confident and now respected matchplay golfers on tour, and even if he somehow doesn’t qualify, an obvious wildcard pick at the Ryder Cup. His own self belief destroying some of the very best players in the world.

The video gives you a glimpse into Ian’s past, and what it means to go through what he did. The hard work and near pain of the many thousands of golf professionals out there trying to scrape a living at clubs and ranges up and down the country. For the one golfer where it all pays off like Ian, there are a thousand left behind waiting for their next chance, or it may have even been their last.

Check out the video below, and if it doesn’t make you want to take the next step in whatever you do, there really is no hope.

This video was kindly sponsored by Ballantine’s Golf, however all views are our own.



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