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You may remember we teamed up with rubber professionals Michelin a few months back to bring you three top tips for driving this summer, and helping to put to bed some myths that just aren’t true. Well we are back again with the second instalment, and as we hit the Summer holidays, they couldn’t be more important!

It’s on of the easiest wins and save of money you will ever find in motoring, yet for many it is still the most easily overlooked. Yes they ‘may just be tyres’ but don’t forget they are the only thing linking you, your car, and your family to the road.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • 4.4% of a cars CO2 emissions can be down to tyre choice alone./li>
  • Tyre pressure makes little difference to fuel consumption. In truth, tyres that are at 14.5 PSI or below can cost you more than 1 extra fill up per year.
  • Light drizzle doesn’t hamper road conditions when compared to a heavy shower. In reality, 99% of accidents in the wet happen with no standing water and just a light covering of rain
  • Tyre pressure is only good to save fuel. Wrong! A low tyre pressure can reduce the life of tyres by up to 5000 miles.
  • Windy roads and bends are the most dangerous. False, 75% of all accidents happen on straight roads.

The new tips will be spreading their way across the UK and we hope, will help motorists to not get caught short when it comes to tyres. Not convinced or have a tip of your own? Let us know below and we will share the very best with Michelin.



Whilst the content written here is completely our own, this post has kindly been sponsored by Michelin.

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