For the third and final part in Michelin’s summer video campaign we look at everyone’s nightmare, winter driving. Whilst having different tyres for summer and winter may sound like an extra expense and hassle you don’t need, after reading these statistics you might well change your mind.

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Whilst everyone dreads the snow, over the course of the winter only 5 percent of accidents happen whilst snow is on the ground (though of course it is relevant to time). It isn’t even the wet weather that causes the most accidents either, it is actually just the cold. In cold weather of say 6 degrees, summer tyres can take up to double the amount of road space than winter tyres to come to a complete halt in your car. Double!

When it comes to snow on the ground, the stopping distance is over double, taking an extra 30 metres at 35mph and it’s over 2 thirds in ice. That’ quite a difference.
The whole campaign has been backed up by 5 pretty slick videos of which we have chosen the best one here, so it has very much been saving the best until last.

The whole argument for winter tyre is compelling, the issue for the Average Joe is the space needed to store spare tyres when not in use, and the garage cost of changing them over twice a year. The cost of the additional tyres themselves will actually soon be negated as the tyre wear will actually reduce over time. What we would love to see if some kind of Government backed scheme where the change over cost of tyres is swallowed or subsidised. Surely the cost benefits would be worth it seeing a direct reduction in the number of accidents. Anyway, that is our two pence worth, just check out the video below!

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