Whilst classic wet shaves may have taken the headlines over the past few years, there is still room for an electric shaver in nearly every man’s grooming arsenal, though of course a cheap and cheerful rotary is unlikely to do, and something a little more forgiving is of course the way to go. Welcome the new Series 9000 by Philips Shavers.

Sponsored Video: Philips Shaver 9000

Forget 3D, or even 4D, the new 9000 series features a flexible head which moves across a total of 8 different directions and is labeled 8D, perfectly following the contours of any face during the shave!

To help push the new 9000 Series Philips are taking us one step further, or perhaps we should say 1 leap further. Yes, they are offering us the chance to win our very own trip into space. That’s right, SPACE! Though we are not sure you will be in a Philips branded space rocket like, you will potentially get to shave where no man has shaved before.

Check out the video below, it pokes fun at what gravity limits us to do (in a very funny home video way) and of course mentions that all important competition and how you can win. Let us know what you think and if you enter!

This post is kindly sponsored by Philips.



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