Sponsored: Picture Belfast

Ireland is a place close to our hearts, not only is it truly beautiful many of us are just back from a stag weekend in Dublin that was truly epic! The fact it is also home to the likes of Guinness, Bushmills, Lepricorns and that accent and it is definitely one of our favourite weekend getaways.

To help promote the area, Discover Island have set a challenge. Taking two people around Belfast with their camera, one a modern day smartphone user (equipped with a vintage app) and the other armed with a vintage camera. Whilst Belfast may not be the first city that comes to mind, the heritage and sheer energy around the place is superb. The likes of the Titanic Museum and St Georges market are musts for catching the vibe during the day and at night head to the square and around the Cathedral Quarter as well as by the water.

As our two intrepid travellers snap away throughout the day, can you tell which picture is from which?

Join in the fun and see if you can! We managed to get one right!