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Sponsored Video: Audi A new Competitor

Cars are very much heading towards the limit of where we can take them as us,pure man, and them, pure machine. So what is next? If you ask Google (Or Will Smith / Irobot), driverless cars that rely on technology will be the future and it isn’t too far away. But no major car manufacturer has jumped on that bandwagon. Until now.

Audi are the brand, and that brand doesn’t get much bigger. Introducing a concept of the awesome Audi RS7 (trust us, we have reviewed it) which is completely driverless. Yes, imagine that, looking over, the window unwinding and no-one looking back at you, just an empty seat.

The latest video features none other than 3 time Le Man winner Rinaldo Capello racing in a world beating endurance car. Happily tracking himself and his times around the famed F1 track in Germany, Hockenheim. Soon a mysterious rival comes into view, well car at least. That of the Audi RS7 Driverless Concept which chases and ultimately overtakes him with no-one at the wheel.
Now, we are not of course suggesting that an RS7 can catch and overtake a Le Mans car. Whilst one of the quickest production Audi’s ever heading to 62mph in 3.9 seconds, it is no match for a full on and completely specced Le Mans behemoth endurance.

This isn’t just flash in the pan ad from Audi though, amazingly Audi have been testing driverless technology for over 15 years, a fair bit longer than Google.
Watch the video below and let us know what you think through the usual means.

This post has been kindly sponsored by Audi.



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