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Sponsored Video: Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast

If you’re travelling over to the States this summer, we reckon you should immerse properly into the American way of life. Catch a ball game, yes; go see the Statue of Liberty, obviously; but we suggest you make sure you go to the quintessential American diner that is Denny’s!

For the British Joes who aren’t accustomed, Denny’s is a US pancake house/coffee shop/24-hour diner place that has been knocking around since 1977.

It started out as a donut stand in 1953 when Harold Butler and Richard Jezak opened Danny’s Donuts. Butler’s stated promise was “To serve the best cup of coffee, make the best donuts, give the best service, offer the best value and stay open 24 hours a day.” That single donut stand has now turned into 1,700 locations and is now known as Denny’s.

While you’re there, try out Denny’s iconic Grand Slam which contains two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, two bacon strips and two sausages for a real taste of America. There are alternatives if eggs or bacon aren’t your thing – swap them over for some toast, yoghurt, turkey strips or even grits, a ground-corn food which looks a bit like porridge!

Denny’s celebrated their 60th birthday in 2013, and have been going for so long probably because they’re open 24/7, every single day of the year, serving everything from breakfast to lunches and dinners. Denny’s is always open, always welcoming and always serves up hearty American diner food along with a mug of fresh hot coffee.

This post has been sponsored by Denny’s, but views are our own.



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