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Sponsored Video: G-Shock ‘Never Give Up’

G-Shock are never one to stand idle and let the world roll past. Whilst a relatively fresh company when it comes to the history of the timepiece, their forward thinking and progressive nature with technology puts them very much up there with the best for something useful and ultimately different.

As pioneers, if you will, they want to help push other pioneers and ultimately special human beings with their new video series dubbed ‘never give up’. The series features a number of people, and the our one love is inventor and generally a rather interesting dude, Oluwaseyi Sosanya. His fresh ideas, thinking and general approach seems to typify G-Shock and we are well on board! Recent notches on his personal belt include 3D Weaver, the Gravity Sketcher and our personal favourite, Bamboo iPhone cases, not to mention now a rather wonderful tie in with G-Shock and their latest Aviator watch range.

If you have 30 seconds (which we are sure you do), take a look at Oluwaseyi Sosanya’s video below and who knows, perhaps become inspired to push your own boundaries, to do something different possibly even make a difference. Some of the stuff he has created has the potential to become next level in the likes of clothing and footwear over the coming years.


Whilst we have hand-crafted these words, this post and video is kindly sponsored by Casio.



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