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Sponsored Video: Wilkinson Sword Swordplay

Wilkinson Sword is a brand renowned for its high precision quality blades that don’t put too much of a dent in your wallet – both great things as far as we’ve concerned. So naturally we love them!

The shaving giants were actually first incepted in 1772 as a sword manufacturer for the British Army – hence the name. To solidify their position as the go-to razor brand for men, Wilkinson Sword have released a raunchy and action-packed cinematic video titled ‘Sword Play’.

The ‘Sword Play’ video may well be a love story but it’s not the sort of love story we’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved in! While we’re not sure the legalities of endorsing foreplay with swords, we reckon it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.


The video shows a definitely above average Joe duelling with a blonde beauty as they attempt to de-clothe each other with the famous Wilkinson Sword. It’s sexy, playful and there’s plenty of good action!

Wilkinson’s rich heritage is played up in the film with the fun sword duel, acting as a metaphor for what Wilkinson Sword razors do: ‘free your skin.’ Check out the video for yourself below!

This post is written by Average Joes but kindly sponsored by Wilkinson Sword.



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