If you think of Volkswagen you think of safety (well after mini darth vaders). They are known to be one of the most solid and safe cars on the road, and their new campaign takes a bold move into proving this. Taking some of the most famous action scenes from the world’s biggest films, and ruining them..

SPONSORED: Volkswagen ‘anti-action’

The final video in the series is now live, promoting the VW braking system, the spoof film should be rather easy to guess…? And we are glad it is one of the best yet!

We are back! The second video has been launched (we actually caught it in the cinema at the weekend!), can you guess which famous film the VW ad spoofs??

With safety features galore, VW are freely admitting that they are not the brand to be featured in any upcoming actions, as they will just fizzle out with no bang. Their first video takes a parody from hit 90’s film Speed (though no Reeves or Bullock thankfully), when the hero must jump from his VW on to a tearaway bus. Alas, the VW ‘collision detection’ system stops our hero’s car from getting near enough to the bus to jump off. Mission fail.

The three part series, dubbed “Made for real life, not the movies” have been written by Nikki Lindman and Toby Brewer, whilst directed by Hollywood stalwart Paul W.S. Anderson. The second and third films, entitled ‘Chase’ and ‘(non) explosion’ respectively will be released in the coming weeks and we will be showing all three on this very page first.

No doubt the short films will go beyond YouTube and find their way on to our cinema screens, but take a look at the very first below.

This post is kindly sponsored by Volkswagen.

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