Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Spon Video: V-Hab Silence the Troll

Trolls have always been bad news. Whether from Lord of the Rings or the worst kind of troll, the online troll. Scouring the internet to cause havoc and bad feeling amongst the world, occasionally funny but generally always wrong.

V-Energy aim to take this bad feeling and turn it into good karma, to make the online world a better place if you will, for their latest advertising campaign, V-Hab: Silence the Troll.

Bringing the online troll to life, a number of short sketches aim to counter negative energy and spread positive energy with V Energy and pull out every troll from their cyber-bridge and treat them in the only way we know how, at Taking three of the most rife ‘trolling destinations’ YouTube, Twitter and online gaming V-Energy bring the other most annoying thing on the internet (no not a baby), a kitten to save the day if you will.

This post has kindly been sponsored by V-Energy.



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