Wilkinson Sword is a brand renowned for it’s quality and affordability as well as pioneering shaving technology since 1772. We make that a pretty long time. This looks set to continue with their new Hydro 5 Groomer.

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With a move in recent years away from the clean shaven and today’s modern male sporting stubble if not a beard, major shaving brands have had to adapt. The new 4-in-1 Hydro grooming tool is hoping to change the entry level market. Patented technology that shaves, trims, edges and hydrates with every shave. There’s an adjustable power trimmer on one end and on the other, an all-in-one tool removing the need of multiple attachments clogging up precious cupboard space in your bathroom.

The shave is very much as you would expect, with five Ultra Glide blades and Skin Guards that reduce friction and smooth the skin on contact. Whilst shaving the Hydro also ‘hydrates’ during each and every shave with a Gel Reservoir containing aloe lubricant that will apparently last twice as long as your standard lubricant strips to reduce any irritation. Flip it over and you will find a single blade trimmer to get to those difficult edges and spaces that a full razor won’t fit in to. Though we have to say on our model it wasn’t as sharp as it could be, and the angle of use is not the easiest which is disappointing. But our review was an early model so the final product in the shops could be different.


The main feature that makes the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 different from most other razors is the bottom and the other end of the thicker than usual handle (which houses the battery) is the adjustable electric trimmer, featuring a wide comb and blade that can be customised to whichever length that magnificent beard requires. It obviously isn’t as wide as a full blown electric, but it does do a great job for it’s size.

The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer simplifies any grooming routine and takes the hassle out of shaving with innovative design that ensures you can maintain individuality with your style fuss-free. Aesthetically it may not set the world on fire but, as always with Wilkinson Sword, it’s affordable at just £14.99 it is the perfect travel tool. Check out the video below:

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Price: £14.99

Please note, whilst the review is completely our own experience, the video is a sponsored placement.



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