4TheFans Launches Drive-In Football Events

With the Premier League is set to be played behind closed doors for the foreseeable future, it’s fair to say the days of celebrating last minute winners in unison with a crowd are long gone. Or are they? Sporting events company 4TheFans think they’ve come up with a solution and are offering fans the chance to watch games at drive-in screenings.

Yes, with the news that Premier League players can once again begin training, 4TheFans will be showing matches on some of the largest outdoor screens throughout the UK, offering supporters a chance to congregate and watch their teams from the comfort of their vehicles, with commentary to be played through their individual stereos.

All events will adhere to strict social distancing guidelines too, with stewards giving anyone leaving their car unnecessarily an immediate yellow card. That said, attendees will be able to order refreshments for delivery direct to their car. Alternatively, they can just bring their own food and drink.

4THEFANS Drive-In Football 3

4TheFans say they’ll bring Drive-in Football to major cities around the country including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, Brighton, Wolverhampton and more. Locations, dates and times will be confirmed pending final police approval.

While we’d still much prefer the pub Drive-in Football could be a way to get that feeling of a crowd while still staying safe. Each car at a 4TheFans event will pay £10 for entry and that’s it. It should also be noted that 4TheFans will donate a percentage of all ticket sales to NHS Charities Together. To ensure your city is covered, register your interest at www.4thefans.tv.

4THEFANS Drive-In Football 2

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