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5 Questions: Shane Warne

As England draw ever closer to a first test defeat in their current series with South Africa, we (with the help of Jaguar), sat down and asked Cricketing hero, Australian Legend, and the hope for men with hair loss everywhere, Shane Warne 5 questions. Here is what he had to say:


1. If you didn’t become a professional cricketer, what would have you become?

Well, I had two jobs growing up, one was with a company called 40 winks which was a bedding company, I had to deliver beds and those types of things, so driving a truck in silly shorts and a singlet, and the other job was working in a jewellery factory stamping signet rings all day. So I probably would have been a bum on the beach I think!

2. How does it feel as an Australian to see England becoming a dominant force in all forms of the game over the past few years?

I think its fantastic, it’s great to see England doing so well except when it’s against Australia (laughs). No, I think it’s great for World Cricket seeing England do well and we don’t like England to be under performing when there is so much support from the public and everyone towards English cricket, so the more popular, the better it is for World Cricket.

The Ashes series is always fantastic, Australia, we dominated for a long time but in the last few series England have been the best side, they have easily been the best side, they deserve to win those, last year at the Ashes series and I think next year will be a ripper too with back to back here in England and Australia. England are the number one side and Australia hope to come here and play well and I imagine the Australians are looking forward to coming over. England have some of easily the best bowling attack in the world, with the most variety especially with someone like Graeme Swann adding in variety there, so Australia have to chase England and try to knock them off their stall because they are doing so well so Australia will come here with a good bowling attack. The Ashes are always the best series so it will be best series.

3. Is there one moment in your career that you look back on and wish it could have turned out different? One game, one day, one ball?

The one moment I would change was probably when I was in Perth and I was on 99 and I tried to smack it for 6 and got out, so that’s probably one thing I would change. I gassed it and tried it for six when all I needed was a single.

4. What single reason do you put to Australia’s decline in dominance in International Cricket? Did they become too comfortable at being near unbeatable and forget about grass roots?

Look I suppose if you look at the players who have retired in the last few years you’ve got McGrath, Gilchrist, Hayden, Langer, Martin (?)…(crowd shout Shane)…Me…Myself I suppose if its like England take out Jimmy Anderson, Graeme Swann, Andrew Strauss, Kevin Pietersen and take out Matthew Prior – five or six of those it takes time for new players to get in there and do well.

Australia are taking a bit too long for my liking, I think they’ve played enough games now they should start to perform, but maybe they can and you know we are back to see them being a real force. I think they are ranked number two in test matches and number one in one-dayers but England have smashed us 4-1 (?) in the one day series.

5. You are well known for your poker aspirations, have you improved since quitting cricket and how did you go at WSOP a few weeks ago?

Yeah, I am loving my poker. I am captain of my poker team. In the World Series of Poker (WSOP) I think there are 7.5/8 thousand people that play and I got down to the last 1000. In my last round I had 20/25,000 chips. One guy had a flush, I had but he had a higher set so I got knocked out but took it very well.

There we have it, 5 questions, and 5 great answers from Shane. Thank you to Jaguar, who are current England team sponsors. You can follow them on twitter @JaguarUK and under the hashtag #JaguarCricket, make sure you keep an eye out for their ‘Tarmac Test’ with predictor competitions throughout the series and your chance to win signed England cricket gear. And of course, huge thank to the man himself, Shane Warne.



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