3D seems to be taking over the world with major tech and clothing manufacturers heading to the technology for their latest creations. Well, adidas is yet again making a leap into the future with its new 3D Runner, a shoe constructed with a webbed, 3D-printed midsole. Not only that, it’s only available this week in New York City, London and Tokyo.

adidas 3D Runner Will Hit London This Week

Yes, adidas has announced that it will be selling a 3D-printed running shoe for the first time in the 3D Runner. But don’t get too carried away… the run will naturally be in limited-edition form and we’re going to level with you – you’re probably not going to be able to get hold of a pair.

As adidas stated last year, the goal for the technology is for customers to be able to walk into an adidas shop, run briefly on a treadmill, and walk out with a custom 3D-printed running shoe. The idea being each person’s pair would match their foot’s exact grooves, instep, and contours.

adidas 3D Runner 2
The shoe itself features a similar design to the one adidas gifted its medal-winning athletes during the 2016 Rio Olympics. It has a black Primeknit upper – just like the upper on Yeezys or Ultra Boosts – and a midsole made from 3D-printed materials. The outsole structure is said to be fortified in high-impact areas, and adidas says this allows the shoe to be comfortable, flexible, and durable.

If you want to get hold of a pair of adidas 3D Runners here in London, you’ll need to head to the adidas flagship store on Oxford Street tomorrow (Thursday 15th December) with the shoes priced at £333. While that is expensive, it’ll end up being twice that if/when they go on resale.

adidas 3D Runner 3
adidas 3D Runner 4



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