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adidas AdiPower Pre-Cooling Ice Vest

We’ve all heard the scare stories of just how hot it could get in Brazil during the World Cup and many are using this to predict a South American winner with a fair amount of conviction. But maybe, just maybe adidas have helped level the playing field with their new adiPower Pre-Cooling Vest.

The idea is simple: to reduce the body temperatures of players before games thus delaying heat-induced fatigue. adidas say their new vests help teams where environmental temperatures are in excess of 24°C. The vests will be used in pre-game warm-ups and during half time by adidas Federations at the World Cup including Spain, Germany, Argentina and Nigeria (yes, no England).

Some three-striped bods at Adidas HQ have developed a high-tech pre-cooling concept that includes a number of hyper absorbent granule zones targeting the body’s primary cooling areas – the lower arms and the upper back. You still with us?

The garments are stored in a freezer for approximately 15-20mins before use and work without the players needing any direct contact with ice. They have been tested on some players who will play in Brazil and are currently being used in some of the warm-up games in the USA.

Dr Maarten Hupperets, Senior Researcher for Adidas, says, “with some match temperatures in Brazil expected to be as warm as 30°C this summer, the adiPower pre-cooling concept will ensure body temperatures stay low and allow the world’s best players to perform at their optimum level.”

On paper, this could be a big positive for the Europeans sides who are likely to suffer from the extreme conditions. England, for example, will be playing in Manaus in the heart of the Amazon where temperatures are expected to reach 30°C+ and humidity will be a minimum of 75%. The only problem being England aren’t sponsored by adidas. Are we sure they can’t change kit makers before the Italy game? If not, peas under arms all round…




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